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Law Enforcement  Training

Law Enforcement Training


Fully Accredited by TCOLE


As a Texas Master Peace Officer holding  firearms instructor proficiency certification, patrol rifle instructor certification, and advanced instructor proficiency certification, I am qualified to teach many of the TCOLE courses necessary to maintain your license or advance to the next level. Email me for more information.


Also, I teach classes for many of the area law enforcement agencies who often welcome officers from other agencies. If you need something, check with me to see if a class is coming up.


As an agency training coordinator or chief administrator, contact me for your department training requirements. I can report hours through your TCLEDDS connection for your department or through AACOG's police academy at a slight additional fee to cover admin over head. I do not compete with AACOG or their published class schedule, but if you need something special, or something AACOG doesn't offer, please contact me so we can discuss.


I am also available on a consultant basis to help your department with civil process, writs, writing/revising your P&P, use of force, and other areas where an "outside pair of eyes" may be beneficial. Contact me directly.