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        We specialize in the sales and customization of firearms, including collectibles!






Three great reasons to choose us as your source for customized and collectible firearms in Texas. 

    1. We KNOW AND LOVE our guns!- Our team of firearms experts and dealers has decades of combined experience, ready to serve you!

    2. We are HONEST, FAIR, and AFFORDABLE- We believe in a business based on honesty and fairness, as well as giving you the most quality for the most affordable price in Texas. 

    3. WE TREAT YOU WITH THE DIGNITY AND RESPECT EVERY CITIZEN DESERVES--whether you're a private citizen, law enforcement, or military.
Our products include:

  • We no longer stock or sell off the shelf firearms

  • All of our firearms will be custom built to order to our customer's exact specifications.

  • Precision rifles and short barrel (NFA) shotguns will still be available by special order only.

We are a -07 FFL / SOT, which means that we have a license to buy, sell, and manufacture guns, including Class III NFA weapons.


We also rebuild and repair firearms


--AR platforms

--Anschutz 22 Target Rifles

--Remington & Mauser bolt rifle platforms

--1911 platforms

--M1 Garands


...we're not cheap and we're not fast, but we do GREAT work.




  Browning 30 Cal. and M1 Garands with the Texas Flag

Texas was a republic for ten years before choosing to join the union in 1846. Even so, the State of Texas retains much of its autonomy as part of the deal to join the union, and many of its citizens have certainly retained their spirit of independence and self-sufficiency.


At LoneStarGuns, we want to be the enabler for law abiding citizens and Texas Peace Officers alike. Toward that end, we will bring you the best tools available--not necessarily the latest "geewhiz" gadgets, but the best battle proven tools available.